Photo Gallery

Browse our collection of photos that show Lance as he performs as Mister Lincoln.  You can also watch a video of Lance in action.

Civil War Reenactments

  • Lance as Mister Lincoln
  • Father Abraham watches over his troops
  • Rendering Presidential honors at the grave of an Iowa Civil War Medal of Honor recipient
  • The President thanking a Gulf War veteran in Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  • Union troops taking up positions for battle
  • Protecting the Battle Flag
  • In Sgt. Aman's wagon
  • Children love Mister Lincoln!
  • Lance and his young friend Jonah
  • Speaking before a battle
  • Speaking at the Gazebo, Usher's Ferry Village, Ceddar Rapids
  • The President test-firing a Gatling Gun
  • Lance and Reenactors in Croydon, Iowa

Politics (Including Election Night 2008)

See Mister Lincoln with Iowa Governor Terry Branstad, John McCain, and Sarah Palin!

  • Iowa Republican Governor Terry Branstad and President Lincoln
  • With (cut-outs of) John McCain and Barack Obma
  • With (the cut-out of) Barack Obmaa and a real Sarah Palin look-alike

Special Events: CivicFest

A Celebration of American Democracy and the Presidency--Minneapolis, August 2008

  • Mister Lincoln in the CivicFest exhibtion hall
  • In the Oval Office
  • CivicFest:  Minneapolis, September 2008
  • Mr. Lincoln taking the Presidential Oath of Office
  • Mr. Lincoln and Harriet the Bald Eagle from the National Eagle Center
  • With the Japanese Ambassador at CivicFest
  • Speaking at CivicFest

Special Events: 150 Years of the Union Pacific Railroad

Celebrating the Sesquecentennial of the Pacific Railways Act at Union Pacific headquarters in Omaha, July 2, 2012

  • Lance joining in the Sesquicentennial of the Union Pacific Railroad in Omaha, Nebraska.
  • The Pacific Railways Act of 1862--with Mr. Lincoln's signature from July 1, 1862
  • The Pacific Railways Act, signed into law by President Lincoln on July 1, 1862 created the Union Pacific Railroad and made opening the Plains possible.

School and Library Visits

  • With children in Elkader, Iowa (Spring 2012)
  • Greeting children at the Lincoln School in Costa Rica
  • Visiting a local Costa Rican elementary school
  • Mr. Lincoln and Costa Rican schoolchildren
  • Mr. Lincoln and pre-schoolers at The Lincoln School in San Jose
  • Speaking at Marion (IA) Public Library
  • Display of Books about President Lincoln at Cresco (IA) Library--Note Lance's Air Force One jacket!
  • See how one library publicized Lance's visit
  • Webster City (IA) Library even made Abe a birthday cake!

Presidents Lincoln AND Obama

See Mr. Lincoln smiling because a man of color has become America's Chief Executive during a Presidential Visit to Cedar Rapids, Iowa

  • President Lincoln smiles wistfully at his first successor of color...

Other Images--Some of them are REALLY fun!

  • Lance as Mister Lincoln
  • Viewing the restored original carriage in which he and Mrs. Lincoln rode to Ford's Theatre (The Studebaker Museum, South Bend IN)
  • On the veranda of an old hotel
  • Teenager, Lance, and a $5 bill
  • A butter sculpture of young Abraham reading--on display at the Iowa State Fair, of course!
  • A young boy dressed up as Abe--check out that beard!
  • "Abe-the-corpse"--winner of Halloween Costume Contest at Meskwaki Casino in Tama, Iowa
  • That All-American machine would have gotten Lawyer Lincoln around the Circuit fast!